Nunca sé qué escribir aquí. 18 años. Hablo de más. Aspiro escribir. Aspiro ayudar gente. Aspiro saber el porqué de hartas cosas. Sherlockian, CM's fan, Glambert, Oncer, Gleek. Johnlock, Mystrade, Mormor principalmente. Matthew Gray Gubler, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves, Lara Pulver, Andrew Scott, Tom Hiddleston.
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"And then there’s you…"

A non!PDS au set in 2009 where a grieving and suicidal Kieren Walker meets Simon Monroe - an Irish drug-addict seeking rehabilitation. Stilted conversations, mixed messages, unhealthy co-dependency and soppiness ensue. 

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A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her.


I will reblog this every single time

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This is so fucking awesome

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As long as this contract exists, I shall be wherever you are.

"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future."

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those relationships between characters where when one of them dies the other just completely loses themselves and is so angry and starts taking unnecessary risks and getting sloppy and careless when it comes to keeping out of danger and staying safe more like haha. why. haha why do that. haha why. why


Ciel: You’re impossibly fast, and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change color, and sometimes you speak like—like you’re from a different time. You never eat or drink anything. You don’t go out in the sunlight. …
Ciel: i know what you are..
Sebastian: Say it. Out loud.
ciel: an idiot, now get back to work you cat obsessed moron.

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*steals ur credit card*

hasta la visa

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tumblr is currently a place for people not at comic-con to sit and wait for pictures of comic-con to be posted. then cry about how we are not at comic-con.  

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